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Preschool Chef

Full Time • 11729
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Cooks at The Learning Experience prepare nutritionally balanced, attractive family-style meals for children. While spreading Happiness throughout the center, our cooks must follow set menu, order food appropriately within the center budget, as well as adhere to state and federal nutritional requirements for children. Childcare has special demands in that we care for children who, in many instances, cannot care for themselves. It is critical that the Cook be mentally and physically fit to perform the duties outlined in this job description.

Compensation: 17.50-21.00
Core Attributes:
  • Passion for Impact: A heart that beats for children's developmental needs and happiness.
  • Growth Mindset: An unyielding belief in the potential of every child and an innate desire to inspire a lifelong love of learning.
Role Responsibilities: 
Planning, Preparation and Maintenance of Equipment:
·         Is knowledgeable of state nutritional requirements of children.
·         Plan, post, and follow approved menus that are nutritionally sound, making alternate substitutions as needed.
·         Keep accurate inventory records; and place food order, all within Center food budget.
·         Chop, cut, and prepare and serve food in amounts that are based on the number of children and staff eating that day.  
·         Serve food at appropriate temperatures and in appropriate serving containers, i.e., not sending cans and/or large hot pans into the classroom.
·         Maintain effective, safe storage for food, cooking and serving supplies, equipment and utensils, and cleaning supplies in accordance with the state and/or local regulation.
·         Keep accurate meal and snack count records as required per CACFP regional guidelines as required (where applicable).
Safety and Sanitary Procedures: 
·         Follow all local regulatory health, safety, and hygiene procedures, including but not limited to lifting, carrying (pan, dishes, cans), hand washing, etc.
·         Empty and clean trash and garbage cans. 
·         Wash and sanitize dishes and cookware using local sanitizing methods as determined by local health department.
·         Keep the refrigerator, microwaves, can opener, and other appliances clean and in good working order.  
·         Clean the kitchen counters and shelves (spills on floors as needed).
·         Understand emergency procedures and what to do in all situations.
Additional Responsibilities: 
·         Ask for help and assistance when needed.
·         Maintain positive and supportive business, licensing, and regulatory relationships.
·         Work in harmony with other Center staff and show enthusiasm toward the job. 
·         Handle routine situations with good judgment, flexibility, and positive attitude.
·         Participate in and cooperate with group decisions; a team player.
·         Establish and maintain a friendly, supportive rapport with the parents.
·         Always provide ongoing positive customer service to all parents.
·         Responsible for the food shopping as needed.
·         Assist in classrooms with children as needed.
·         Other duties as assigned.

  • Educational Background: Must meet state specific guidelines High School Diploma/ GED required. ECE coursework preferred.
    • At least 18 years of age. 
  • Experience: Relevant experience in a licensed childcare facility kitchen, commercial kitchen, public school cafeteria or equivalent. 
  • State Compliance: Must meet state specific guidelines for the role.
    • Have a food service/food handler’s permit or license according to state/local regulations. 
    • Follow state and federal guidelines including immunizations, employment physicals and required health and safety training.
  • Caregiving Skills (child interaction):
    • Proven judgment to identify and address potential risks in a childcare setting. 
    • Ensure that children are safe and that their everyday needs are met – this may include diapering, dressing, grooming, and feeding. 
    • Model and encourage good social skills, e.g. strong communication and conflict-resolution skills. 
    • Ensure children are kept active, entertained, and engaged in developmentally appropriate activities. 
    • Exhibit high levels of composure, patience, and professionalism at all times.
  • Physical Resilience:
    • Demonstrates full range of motion to:
    • Stand and walk for extended periods of time without significant discomfort.
    • Ability to safely lift and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds.
    • Reach, stretch with hands and arms. 
    • Climb or balance. 
    • Stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. 
    • Lift and carry bulk food appropriately when delivered and store food on shelves above and below counter level in accordance with safety guidelines. 
    • Use of a stool or ladder to reach above shelve storage.
    • Ability to supervise by sight and sound. 
    • Most days, employee will be working a portion of the day outside in temperatures ranging from 20F with wind chill to 95F.  
    • Maintain mental and physical alertness and an appropriate level of energy to perform essential job functions. 
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  
*Reasonable accommodations can be made with supporting documentation.

Compensation: $17.50 - $21.00 per hour

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